Brother coin is announcing the partnership with Proxy Card!

Brother coin is announcing the partnership with Proxy Card.

Proxy Card is founded in Scottsdale, Arizona.  They bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream, and make it secure and easy for anyone to use.

Proxy card is a hybrid multiple payment wallet with instant blockchain access.  At the moment, they support Ethereum (ETH), eBitcoin (eBTC), and eProxy (ePRX).  eBitcoin allows users to send payments to multiple addresses at the same time.  Proxy requires users to sign in, register their device, and either be in possession of a physical Proxy Card or use a device’s biometrics.  Proxy Card is also a part of the eBitcoin ecosystem.

With Proxy, you can message anyone on the Ethereum network!  Simply contact them using their username or address, and enjoy instantaneous chat. Everything you say is encrypted end-to-end.

Whether you have a webstore or a physical store, Proxy makes it easy for you to accept the global currencies of the 21th century.

They are not stopping where they stand right now, but continue to add more cool features, making Ethereum secure and instantly accessible for everyone, everywhere.