Charity and help

BROTHER token BRAT is a charity and aid token. We are creating an international ecosystem for the implementation of humanitarian initiatives in the field of charity. To create a convenient tool for charitable foundations, to implement advertising campaigns to provide assistance to the needy, to benefit society – that’s the purpose and meaning of the BROTHER project.

To implement the cryptosphere initiatives in philanthropy, a site-directory is created

International crypto experts

BRO Consortium / BROTHER Consortium is an international crypto community of professionals, experts, developers, investors, active players and ordinary users. The purpose of the association is to create a comfortable, confidential, fraternal environment for the development of its own crypto projects and crypto technologies in general.

For the professional implementation of the crypto community, a site-directory has been created and maintained

Brother of a new era

The digital economy allows each person to realize his potential, to know himself and show everything you can. Discover the brother of a new era. Open, dare, risk, achieve your goals along with those who are already being implemented on the crypt front. Becoming stronger – learn to help others. 21 century is a place for active and purposeful.

Do not forget and rest. In the plans for BRAT`FEST – we will celebrate the victories together!

To implement opportunities to access your tokens, the Web Wallet is created. (Mobile application in development.)











Mission, ideas, values

BROTHER TOKEN BRAT – a token with a semantic value, a bearer of humanitarian values and ideological potentials for uniting people, promoting a healthy lifestyle, charity donation and charity, the means of blockade technology in the era of the developing digital economy.



BROTHER token BRAT implements the mission of charity, assistance to the needy, association of experts, forms the environment for the implementation and disclosure of the individual.


In other words, it has a social, humanitarian function.


BROTHER projects provide the technical feasibility of implementation.

  • Cripto Charity

    Implementation of the assistance mission.
    The catalog of charitable foundations is created. The catalog contains international charitable foundations. Add to the directory will be only funds that have the ability to receive and use bitcoins, tokens. At the moment, in mid-2018, a form for 2 funds – PODARI.LIFE and SENS Research Foundation – is working in the test mode. The system on which we will add other funds is being debugged.

    The next stage will be promotion, advertising of the resource and realization of humanitarian ideas and values ​​of charity.

    It is planned to conduct various activities in this area.

  • Experts of the crypto industry

    Crypto-brotherhood is good. You had questions – how to hold ICO, what token to choose, how to be placed on the exchange and others, and the answers are ready to provide experts. In the Experts section you can find a person with the competence you need, and if you are an expert, write, occupy and settle in your cozy place of experts. Lawyers, programmers, developers, journalists, PR and marketing specialists – your knowledge and competence are invaluable, and therefore are so needed by those in need.

  • Web Wallet BROTHER

    To implement quick and easy access to the BRAT token, a Web Wallet (created) and a mobile application (in the process of creation) are being developed.

  • Respect Sheet "Thank you from BRAT`a"

    For many years we could only watch and listen, listen and watch our favorite songs and films. In rare cases, we could express our appreciation with the applause at the concert. Today we have the opportunity not only to express respects to our actors, groups, musicians, but also to thank and most importantly – to support. It’s time for children to help their parents who have raised them, it’s time to support those who shaped our character and spirit. Thanks to all who are on the list! And yes our gratitude awaits you!


    Yes, we see the future in which it will be possible to hold. We see the performers of our favorite songs on the scene of BRAT FEST. We see the blocked lights in front of the stage going into infinity. We hear you bro, your whistles and your cries through the music! “Dave on the gas!” Go ahead!

  • International Crypto Brotherhood

    This also can represent each of us. And it’s not as difficult as it might seem. We just need to unite in a common, useful society.

Блогеры, пресса о BRAT


Я было уже перестал следить за проектом, но каково было моё удивление, когда данный токен начал продаваться на различных криптовалютных биржах по цене 1 сатоши. Затем 2. А затем и 3. и Т.д. в момент появления его на coinmarketcap цена по которой торговался данный токен достигала…

Invest Overview

Но меня привлекло другое. Это, собственно, и заставило написать эту заметку. Мы становимся свидетелями зарождения гуманитарных проектов с очень продуманной и хорошо продуманной стратегией развития.

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BRAT создает Консорциум

12 сентября 2017, спустя менее чем полтора месяца после запуска коина BRAT, команда разработчиков опубликовала новость о создании Консорциума – Bro Consortium.   Для криптосреды это явление новое и чрезвычайное.

BRAT создает Консорциум
Благотворительность, криптоэксперты, ты

14 декабря 2017 года гуманитарный криптопроект Брат представил обобщенную, сконцентрированную информацию о целях, задачах и планах проекта на 2018 год. Представленная презентация не только подтянула слабые до этого информационные аспекты, но и презентовала сильный, простой и понятный в визуальном плане логотип. Здесь и блокчейн цепочка, и рука помощи, и говорящее название. Кто поможет кроме Брата?

Благотворительность, криптоэксперты, ты
Новая эра Брата? Или Брат новой эры?

Сразу скажу что текст не заказной, так как не рассказать об этом никак нельзя, буду рад если он получится еще и рекламным и поможет проекту. Я давно слежу за криптопроектом Брат и в связи с выходом от них впечатляющих новостей решил их поддержать.

Сегодня криптопроект Брат выступил с обновлением, ребрендингом, крутейшей презентацией и сразу с двумя рабочими сайтами. И это для проекта собравшего на айсио 8 эфира уже слишком.

Новая эра Брата? Или Брат новой эры?

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